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October 1, 2008
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Anime Villains, we love em and we hate em, but most importantly we know them because they can be remembered for their asshole natures, so that’s why I’m going to make a list of my top 20 Anime Villains, why Top 20? Because a Top Ten is too damn short, so let’s begin the Top 20 Anime Villains.

20. Itachi from Naruto, now I know a lot of people will be upset he’s so damn low, but to be fair he lost points in Shippuden, another ruined named thanks to Kishimoto. Itachi was bad, he was infamous for killing his whole family and had the incredible skills to back up such infamy, he was calm, smart and had some pretty broken moves, and was a major role in the series up until his unsightly and unneeded death. He will be missed

19. Rokuda Mukuro from Hitman Reborn, Mukuro was basically Lex Luthor but as an anime character, mostly brains and not so much brawn, true he was somewhat strong but he wasn’t say as strong as other villains this list will contains, but he makes the list simply for his smug attitude, his ability to mind fuck people and for being a heavy planner.

18. Souther from Hokuto No Ken/Fist Of The North Star, Souther was one of the many assholes that Hokuto No Ken gave us, much like Ambia and Jagi, but he makes this list for two reasons, 1 he actually beat Kenshiro in one fight, a feat that’s nearly impossible and 2 he is the cause of one of the saddest scenes in an anime, the death of Shuu, think about it, he cut Shuu’s legs open, forced him to climb a 200+ foot Pyramid carrying a 2-3 ton stone, forcing little kids and women to watch, and saying if Shuu doesn’t place the stone they’ll die. To add to the ass he kills Shuu after he does reach the top only to have his blood adorn the pyramid. You don’t get much more asshole then Souther.

17. The Death Note, no not Light, the Death Note itself, think about it, with this book you become Kira, and can kill anyone you wanted, everyone has someone they want to kill, and pent up rage, this Note uses that, first it starts with 1, then 2, then more and more until you kill everyone. It’s power drives men mad, that’s why it has a place in this countdown.

16. Elder Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, This is the smaller one for those who kept confusing them, Elder Toguro was plain and simply a smug bastard who you wanted dead, but couldn’t because he’s hard to kill, he can move his organs wherever he pleased and could heal himself and manipulate his body into a weapon, he was cruel, heartless and more importantly he knew how to get into people’s heads.

15. Raoh from Hokuto No ken/First Of The North Star, he’s one of the cases of Good characters gone bad, Raoh is somewhat jealous of Kenshiro being made the Successor of the Fist of the North Star, which he wanted to use to conquer the heavens themselves, Raoh was always strong, even as a child he climbed up a mountain single handed with his brother in the other arm. As an adult he became Ken-Oh and started to take over the Armageddon world and even at one point wanted to kill his brother Toki. Though a tough call due to his somewhat honorable nature he still makes this villain countdown

14. Freiza from Dragonball Z, now Freiza makes this list for being notorious as the first True Villain of the series, he was feared by many, destroyed planets with his finger, and was all around scary when he was first introduced to us. His forms easily brought us fear as he did terrible things each and every transformation did something to prove his evil, his first form impaled Krillin and beat Gohan, his third nearly killed Piccolo and his final form killed Dende, Krilln, Vegeta, almost killed Piccolo again and destroyed Namek. He was truly one evil bastard.

13. Toguro, yes the Muscle one. He was one of the greatest villains of the series, he was a dark figure that sent chills when you saw him, he was badass, beheading a man with a kick, blowing one’s head off with his middle finger and he single handedly killed an entire team of demons alone with less then half his strength. His goal was to actually find a challenge because he was so powerful, forcing Yusuke to push himself well and beyond anything he imagined, and even after he died he personally asked for the worst form of torment Spirit World could give, Toguro has a wallet that reads “Badass.”

12. Lucci from One Piece, of all the One Piece Villains Lucci is one of the best, he was cold, emotionless and best of all didn’t need some overpowered Devil Fruit, all he could do was change into a Leopard yet still kicked ass, the man may be on the “Good Guy” Side but he killed 500 hostages just to kill his target, and not to mention made Luffy fight to near death, plus he was one well dressed mother fucker, dressed to kill I guess.

11. Aizen from Bleach, now if anyone deserves a spot in this countdown Aizen does, why? Because he is one overly planning, cunning and confident mother fucker in the series, he planned his own death, was secretly working behind everyone’s backs for possibly centuries betraying many and plotting too often, and even the most cunning of ideas are mere whims to him, not to mention he had power, possibly on par with the leader of the 13 Captains himself, and that’s without showing his Bankai, you know you want more Aizen.

10. Griffith from Berserk, talk about A-class asshole, kills most of his trusted and loyal soldiers, took out his closest friend’s eye and his arm, raped another friend and latter best friend’s lover, thus deforming the unborn child with his demonic powers and for what? Some fancy demonic powers. Now true Griffith SEEMED good, but everyone missed the signs, he killed any he thought needed to be killed, or those or tried killing him, he worked in the shadows and was already one clever and naughty bastard, and he’s only number 10 people…only…number…10

9. Gantz from Gantz, Okay this may be a stretch and I never really SAW the series or read the Manga but from what I can tell from Gantz the Abridged series he tops Griffith is assholeness, he takes those that died, and forces them to fight Aliens, doesn’t give them any other reason other then the fact he’ll kill you if you don’t, so it’s basically “Kill or Be Killed” yeah doesn’t sound like a real nice…machine?

8. Naraku from Inuyasha, this bastard gets high points for being the stingiest bastard EVER, seriously almost nothing could kill him, and he was one evil bastard making puppets of the dead, making demonic servants to do his bidding, he did so much it’d take a while to count, but he makes a very big impact in the anime world for being a target to so many yet living for so long. Sometimes being stubborn works kids.

7. Any Diclous from Elfein Lied, okay yes I spelt it wrong and maybe I never saw the series but from what I can tell they’re all heartless bastards that want to kill anything that lives, just because they got picked on as kids, big fucking whoop, no need to want everything dead.

6. Crocodile from One Piece, now he HAD to make it no matter what, Croc was one badass heartless mother fucker, he mixed Lex Luthor, Sandman and Captain Hook if he was an anime character and mixed it all into one. He was cunning, forcing Over a Million people to fight in a civil war, putting people in nearly impossible situations to escape and making so many people miserable. Not to mention he beat Luffy not once, but Twice, something no other villain has yet to do in the series, and without even being around them improved the One Piece fighters a lot, simply by having good henchman choice. Sadly he doesn’t make top 5, but he’s close.

5. Kid Buu from DBZ, now this DBZ villain gets high on the list because he’s simply a beast, he doesn’t have a mind, he’s only a weapon to kill, and one that did his job well, he was overly powerful, could learn and adapt moves, was nearly impossible to kill and was creepy with his evil mindless laugh and those weird eyes. A threat to the universe he could have easily destroyed it had Goku not destroyed him.

4. The Milfiore family from Hitman Reborn, now of all anime factions I’d say this is one of the largest, and pretty powerful, even managing to kill Tsuna’s older self, bringing the World to his knees and brought the future lives of the Vongola family members to ruins, and then some, true they may be split themselves but the true Milfore rules with one badass Iron first.

3. The Dark Gundam from G Gundam, much like the Death Note the Dark Gundam seemed to have a mind of it’s own, taking control of many with it’s promises of power, even someone as welled trained as Master Asia was swayed by it, and to kill it every surviving Gundam in the series pulled together to destroy it, now when you need at least 20 Gundams to kill 1, you KNOW you have something badass.

2. The World Government from One Piece, yes another faction, I know this was supposed to be a single list but this isn’t something taken lightly, the World Government represents the American government as is (don’t shout I’m Born and breed here too), cruel, misplaced honor, greedy, corrupt, selfish and looks away from true pain to save face value, they let slavery go on as a daily thing, don’t care for the very nations aligned with them and all in all are just Dictators that don’t get up unless someone goes against them.

And the Number 1 Villain in anime goes to

The Earl Of Millennium from D. Gray Man, this is by far the biggest bastard that every lived, by far. Why does he make number 1? Simply because his doucheness, he comes to people who lost loved ones, tells them he can bring them back, only to have those loved ones he brings back kill those who call them back and wear their skin and become Akuma, his slaves that he uses as weapons to kill any. He doesn’t care who he kills, men, women, children, old ladies, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass he just kills them keeping his big ass creepy grin on his face. To make matters worse he manipulates as many humans as he needs to help him in murdering others so he can have an Akuma army. Earl of Millennium you are by far the Biggest Douche in the Universe, screw Al Khan and that fake Psychic you are douche, ass, evil personified.
YES I KNOW I HAVEN'T UPLOADED SHIT IN SO LONG. Sorry, Writer's block can be a bitch, no worries I'll come back, but for now i thought I'd try something diffrent, I made a top 20 list of what I say is top 20 anime villains, why Top 20? Well because 10 is too short and I'm not ThatGuyWithGlasses so I won't go 1 step beyond.

There are some spoilers to some anime, so be warned.
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smoshpitpie Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry, but you shouldn't just judge the Diclonius of Elfen Lied by what you heard/read about them. If you actually watch the series or listen to someone's review, the story and characters are very deep. (Elfen Lied may not be suitable for everyone since it's renowned for its gore, but the idea's basically a psychological tragedy. The real bastards of the series are the "common, minor people.") You probably aren't interested in huge explanations, but calling the Diclonius "heartless bastards" for what they did is a very superficial look into their characters.
Alexander-Bismarck Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
Why not The Major from Hellsing. That guy made Hitler look like a nobody. And makes Frieza a pussy with his love for ultimate war
DuoObess Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Uh...where Liesellote Werkmeister from 11Eyes?

Seriously, I thought JesuOtaku had the best Evil Anime Villain's list out there. Sadly, that's not the case.

In fact, have you seen DrOmg's list on IMVU? If you haven't, you should really check it out!

DrOmg is the man behind countless feats. For example, to name a few, being the first man to write a fan-fiction that had a DARK Magical Girls slaughtering each other to stay alive, he was the first man to post a video on YouTube, and he was the first man to create an actual list of anime villains that is PERFECT! So many have failed over and over again, this is because 95% of them are complete rip-offs of JesuOtaku's Top 20 Evil Anime Villain's list.

DrOmg is the one and only. He is the one that has done an Anime Villain's List right! That's extremely rare by the way.
BadAppleAnnoyingOran Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
That's pretty good; however, there is one man that has not only made a list that is far superior to yours, he has also made a list of anime villains that even surpasses JesuOtaku's list.

I am "Dead Serious". If you love Anime villains, check his list out.

The IMVU Group is called, "The Top 25 Evil Anime Villains". You should seriously check it out.

This list was made by DrOmg, the most renowned anime fan/art appreciator on the internet.

I'll let my buddies know about your list. It's still pretty good!
thespiritmaiden3 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Father from FMA...?
Trubbol Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Not enough Johan Liebert in this list.
While he lacks mystical powers, he uses mental profiling to kill people, and has convinced people to kill themselves, put themselves into the position to be killed, and run in front of the gun for others. He is remorseless, attacking people for merely being in his way despite their connection to him, and his schemes are both unpredictable and have huge body count. In a world without any supernatural elements he uses poison and hired guns to killed the same amount of people as Light yagami, if not even more.
Fauphisto Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Trubbol Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Shame people focus on power levels compared to cruelty and cunning. There are some things that really should make the most evil lists out there that don't.

Honestly, I think that a certain White suited blond phsycopath, golden haired blue eyed serial killer, and small fluffy hivemind that offers wishes should make it onto every villain list.
Fauphisto Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Student General Artist
I know. There's just something really, really disturbing about Johan. He could literally be anyone; someone like him could exist right now, somewhere on the planet. He doesn't need a little magic book to kill tons of people, nor does he need special powers.
I think the reason why he isn't on the list is because "Monster" isn't really the most popular series. Not that many people know. And most people who've seen it or read it usually have Johan on their own list, and he's probably on a high spot on that list.
Trubbol Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Yeah, there is not enough Monster fans out there.
Other baddy I think do not get enough light is Ladd Russo, though he is awesome for the complete opposite reasons.
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